A Guide to Great Gift Giving

shutterstock_66202198.jpgIt can be difficult to find the right gift for someone when a birthday or holiday rolls around, but if you consider the recipient and his or her preferences, you should be able to produce a present that will be truly appreciated.

An older person might enjoy a grab bag of puzzle books and playing cards. For a child, assemble and assortment of classic toys such as a Slinky, Frisbee, and Play-Doh. A baseball glove or picnic basket could be perfect for someone who enjoys the outdoors.

For a friend or relative who’s always on the go, consider a slow cooker and recipe book. Other nifty kitchen-related gifts include a basket filled with pretty kitchen towels, a vintage juice pitcher, and a selection of teas or coffees.

Readers and writers will appreciate a set of bookends, a journal with a fancy writing pen, or a box of colorful note cards and some postage stamps.

For the green-living recipient, try some DIY – assemble eco-friendly cleaning supplies, then wrap them inside reusable cleaning cloths.

AndĀ if you know someone who just moved out on their own, fill a small toolbox with a hammer, utility knife, screwdrivers, tape measure, adjustable wrench, pliers, and safety glasses. The recipient will think of you every time he or she works on a project.

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